About Us

Layyahnews.info is the first of its kind of trendsetting venture existent in Pakistan. It is for the first time in the history of this nation that a large scale project of such nature evolved from an extraordinarily revolutionizing concept to a practical fulfillment.

In this Modern era, the English language enjoys the status of being the “Lingua Franca” (Universally accepted, widespread Language) consequently resulting in almost 95% of the websites solely functioning in English, as a medium of communication. On the other hand, considering our local Pakistani lot, majority of the individuals can neither read, nor understand English. Keeping this fact in consideration, Layyahnews emerged as a ray of hope, a breath of fresh air, breaking the barrier for that 90% of the population, existent in Pakistan, who are now able to identify themselves with all that this website has to offer. They can enjoy the privilege of being able to read, comprehend, and enlighten themselves with the wide variety of knowledge and entertainment sections offered by Layyahnews, which is entirely based on their own language, Urdu. Pakistani’s are now able to savor the true essence of their identity and origin. Urdu

Point, the only Urdu web site which has extended a major contributing hand in promoting the national language of Pakistan, with its numerous amounts of sections presented in Urdu language.

It was high time for Pakistanis to reach beyond the monotony of indulging in uselessly limited activities such as chatting and scrutinizing pictures over the internet! Layyahnews efforts proved fruitful, and the Layyahnews team was able to make the Internet, a more meaningful and constructive source for the average Pakistani Internet user. Layyahnews.info strives on the aim of creating an influential and overpowering presence online, leading to a positive and permanent transformation in the lives of the citizens of Pakistan and all those who come across the experience of viewing the website.

Layyahnews.info is the vision set forth by a group of young professionals. An Exclusively personal and self-implemented effort, Layyahnews.info speaks for itself as a prime example of the talent, innovativeness, passion and skill that the youth of the country possess. An in this case all these qualities amalgamate, to serve a national purpose. Bringing the idea of Layyahnews to life, and then maintaining its elevated standard, was no easy task. The amount of time, effort, and resources exhausted in the execution of this project were not minor by any possible standards. In fact,

Layyahnews organization operated and sustained even though there was no external support either extended by neither any major corporation nor the government. This very fact did not hinder the website’s functionality, or its shining entity, thus proving that the minds of the young talented group of individuals were free from the aim of acquiring commercial gains. Rather, their idea of an achievement was more so intended towards acquiring moral satisfaction, by serving their nation.

The response Layyahnews received from the global masses has been phenomenal and exceptionally pleasing. The Internet users of our country have welcomed the site with immense enthusiasm, and the amount of appreciation and admiration Layyahnews.info has received is not only gratifying, but also very encouraging, boosting the esteem of the team which has devoted so much to this organization. Layyahnews serrves more than 100 Million web users every month!

With the true blessings of the Almighty, Layyahnews has sailed through 18 successful years of web excellence. Layyahnews.info is the largest web site of Pakistan, catering millions of visitors every month!. With the launch and instant success of Layyahnews.info instills great satisfaction in us, for we are on our way to achieving what we primarily has in mind i.e. to make the Internet an integral part of every citizen of Pakistan and to unite all Pakistani’s within a network that reaches beyond the geographical boundaries. We humbly invite you to advertise at Layyahnews. Let’s start a new dimension of advertising, and unveil yet another promising facet on the internet, through this medium. You are welcome to visit Layyahnews.info and judge for yourself what Layyahnews withholds! Its horizons are open to all those who believe in innovativeness and perfection, at its best.